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🎵hello, it’s me🎵 Adele. I am black reins. Address me as black. I made this blogg because I feel the world needs to hear my opinion. I am a weird girl who likes wierd people like me. I am a critical thinker who thinks the most random thoughts therefore this blogg is everything about everything. Please follow me weirdos and wierdas😊😊. I am an artist generally (singer, writer, young detective)

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Are you right or left handed

I made a discovery recently when i took a stroll with my sister. I was at the right side of the road and she was at the left. I asked her why she prefers walking on the left side and she told me that it was just reflex, not really considered just something your brain tells you to do and that’s same with ME!!! I then figured out why… She is left handed and I am right handed, so practically everything we do is with the left or right hand respectively. I discovered my right hand is stronger than my left because my right muscles are more developed than my left hand muscles because I do everything with my right hand. So my left hand just supports my right hand(when you are lifting something that involves two hands). This exempts ambidextrous of course. As a right handed person you hear better with your left ear and vice versa. This is why you stand at the right side of the road (right-hand people) because your left ear grabs things in a more amplified tone. This also goes for left handed people, they stand at the left side of the road because their right ear is better, so that they can detect in coming cars. This is not proven just something I discovered. Follow me for more posts.